Rhodiola crenulata


Other Names:

Roseroot, Arctic Root, Golden Root, Hong Jing Tian


  • Antioxidant
  • Antitumor
  • Neuroprotective
  • Gastroprotective
Rhodiola (Rhodiola crenulata) rows at high altitudes in the Arctic and mountainous regions, and is commonly used in phytotherapy in China, Uzbekistan and other Asian countries. It has been known to be able to stimulate the nervous system, alleviate depression, enhance work performance, eliminate fatigue and prevent altitude sickness. R. crenulata root contains over 21 compounds, with the most important being salidroside (rhodioloside), rosavins and p-tyrosol. Specific applications in relation to poultry include:
  • Hypoxia reducing effects: Prior research indicates supplementing broilers diet with R. crenulata helps to reduce the effects of hypoxia and consequently decreases mortality rates. A study conducted on rats by Abidov M et al., 2003 demonstrated the benefits in the addition of R. crenulata to the diet of swimming rats prolonged the duration of exhaustive swimming.

Poultry Specific Studies

TypePlant PartDosageSpecific useResultsRef
Chickenscrushed roots0.5-1.5% of diethypoxiaLow-R significantly reduced non-ascites induced mortality and total mortality compared with broilers fed CTL and High-R diets. Broilers fed the High-R diet had significantly increased blood red blood cell counts and hemoglobin levels at 28d compared with other treatments. L Li et al. 2014