Ceratophyllus gallinae

Ceratophyllus gallinae, commonly referred to as the hen flea or European chicken flea, is an ectoparasite of birds. It has a broad host range, affecting nearly 75 species of birds and mammals.

Life cycle: C. gallinae's life cycle consists of eggs, three larval stages, pupa stage followed by adult chicken fleas. As an adult, C. gallinae is 2-2.5 mm (0.08 to 0.10 in) long, laterally flattened, and brown. The adult fleas spend the majority of their time hiding in the host’s nests and come out and latch onto the birds to feed for short durations.



  • Order: Siphonaptera
  • Family: Ceratophyllidae
  • Genus: Ceratophyllus


  • birds