PoultryDVM - Guide to Keeping House Chickens

Guide to Keeping House Chickens

Added November 30, 2021

House chickens (aka keeping chickens inside your home with you) are becoming increasingly popular worldwide. Sometimes it’s because the bird has a disability or other disadvantage which inhibits them from thriving in a typical flock environment, is recovering from an illness or injury, or it may be purely for companionship (chickens make excellent companions!).

Traditional stereotypical beliefs which regard chickens and other poultry as being ‘dirty’, and ‘unhealthy’ are simply untrue. Keeping a chicken indoors is no different than keeping a dog, cat, or any other pet. It all comes down to how you manage the environment in which they live.

Presented is an infographic which describes key items needed for house chickens and potential hazards to keep in mind and protect them from.