Drug Type: Antibiotic, Antiprotozoal


Sulfaquinoxaline is a sulfonamide antibiotic used in poultry to treat Coccidiosis, acute Fowl Cholera caused by Pasteurella Multocida, and Fowl Typhoid caused by Salmonella Gallinarum.

Note: May cause toxic reactions unless the drug is evenly mixed in water at dosages indicated and used according to directions. Prolonged administration of sulfaquinoxaline at higher doses may result in depressed feed intake, deposition of sulfaquinoxaline crystals in the kidney and interference with normal blood clotting.

If given for longer than 2 weeks, may require supplementation with vitamin B (folic acid).
  • 400 mg/L (1.4 mL/L) added to drinking water for 6 days, off 2 days, on 6 days.
  • 450 mg/kg in feed continuously