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Drug Type: Antibiotic


Cephalothin is a first-generation cephalosporin injectable antiobiotic. It is used for treating gram-positive cocci, some gram-negative bacteria, and some anaerobes, including skin-related infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus.

Cephalothin is not appreciably absorbed after oral administration and must be administered IV or IM to be effective.

Note: Cephalosporins may disturb the normal intestinal microflora of poultry, particularly when administered orally and at high doses.

Storage/Stability: The sterile powder for injection and reconstitution should be stored at room temperature. After reconstituting with sterile water for injection, cephalothin sodium neutral is stable for 12 hours at room temperature and 96 hours when refrigerated. Precipitates may occur with refrigerated solutions, but can be redissolved with warming and agitation. Solutions may darken, particularly at room temperature, but this does not indicate any loss of potency. In the frozen state, cephalothin sodium solutions are relatively stable.

Caution: IM injection may be very painful.
  • 100 mg/kg IM, IV q6-8h
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