Brand Names:
Acetic acid

Drug Type: Laxatives, Antihyperlipidemic, Hypoglycemic

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is an acidic vinegar solution produced by fermenting apples. It is sometimes added to the flock's drinking water to help maintain the acidity of the bird's crop, which is why it can be beneficial for birds with early stage sour crop.

ACV should NOT be added to the drinking water at the same time that birds are:
  • Receiving certain medications, such as macrolide antibiotics (Tylan, Aivlosin), since these drugs are inactivated in an acidic environment.
  • When its really hot, and hens are suffering from heat stress, since acified water reduces the availability of calcium in their diet.

  • 15 mL per quart of drinking water, once a day [1 tablespoon per gallon (15 mL per 4L)]
available as a liquid
  • Overuse can damage or corrode the esophagus and GI lining due to the high levels of citric acid
  • Too much acetic acid content can lower potassium levels in the blood, a condition referred to as hypokalemia which can lead to heart problems and paralysis.
  • Decreases the availability of calcium.
  • Laxatives and diuretics : effects blood sugar levels